Coffee Table Ellipse

Diameter: 120cm, Height: 40cm
Estimated Time of Arrival 08 February 2024

Ellipse Coffee Table

Our Ellipse Coffee Table is a modern take on an artistic flair. Its captivating design showcases a crystal–clear glass tabletop gracefully resting atop four intersecting steel circles, mirroring electrons rotating around an invisible core. The Ellipse Coffee Table is something–more–than–stunning centerpiece that will leave your guests mesmerized.


  • The Ellipse Coffee Table Collection features a round glass tabletop.
  • The frames and bases are crafted from stainless steel in a champagne gold finish.
  • Nylon glides are fixed to the bases for easy moving around and preventing scratches over floors.
  • The glass thickness is 12 mm (0.47 inches).
  • The Ellipse Coffee Table weighs circa 61 kg. (134.48 lb.).

Dimensions :

Diameter: 120cm
Height: 40cm

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