Welcome to Grandome

There is nothing more personal than decorating your home and choosing the right piece of furniture to fit the look you have envisioned. This is why Grandome would like to offer you its products. Made from quality materials and crafted with beautiful designs, we aim to provide a selection catering to your needs. Browse through our online catalogue to explore your options

Natural materials

All the products in our collection are handmade from natural materials, chosen with consideration for the environment and the planet we all share. It is important for us to treat the world we live in with the respect it deserves. From certified wood to traceable leather and certified upholstery fabrics, we use a wide variety to make the best for your comfort and to reduce the burden on our environment.

2-years warranty

Our finest task is to create something that lasts. That's why we always give you a 2-years guarantee on everything in our collection. Even though it will of course last longer.

Made to last

We care for the environment and would like to avoid pointless waste. So for our designs we only use sustainable materials, made to last in your home and to help you steer clear of the need for new purchases after a short period of time. Designed to create a beautiful and serene space in your home, our products will last in your home for years to come.