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Home is your infinite space where you want to jazz it up with your imagination. And Grandome is the answer for every idea you imagine, each obsession you long for, and every need you desire to fulfill.

About making your home more comfortable. About decorating your home with elegant interiors. About bringing attainable luxury into your home with our new collections. About furnishing your home with furniture that defines your comfort and style

That is why Grandome furnishes your home with endless comfort and timeless style.

Deep Roots in Furniture Business 1880–1990

With deep roots in the furniture business, Franklin Gharbi has been familiar with the industry since his youth. His family’s generations, from his great–grandfather who established a furniture workshop in 1880 in Souillac France to his uncle and father who sold antique pieces and contemporary furniture, had introduced him to the world of furniture. It was in 1991 when he started to run his furniture store in Paris while working as an artistic–design consultant for Verado a Prata, an Italian furniture company in Pordenone. Then, in 1998, he launched Mobilier d’Ailleurs, a furniture company importing furnishings from Egypt, India, and Indonesia and selling them in the European market.

Chakranaga Establishment 2001

The meeting between Franklin Gharbi and Luqi Hermawanti, a risk–taker entrepreneur, marked the humble beginnings of Chakranaga in 2001. The business began in a small workshop in Jepara, Central Java and has now grown into two vast workshops where the local artisans, using old–tradition techniques, turn fine materials into furniture pieces with flawless form and durable functionality. From this point on, Chakranaga has gained international recognition as one of the Indonesian furniture makers that export classic–designed furniture.

Grandome Presence 2017 to Today

Over the two decades, Franklin and Luqi, through Chakranaga, have made global expansion with stores in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The growth in brand licensing partnerships with global retailers is another milestone on their business journey. This international recognition inspired them to establish a strong presence in Indonesia, and in 2017, they launched their contemporary furniture brand: Grandome.

Grandome offers customers modern furniture collections, decorations, and rugs that are intentionally designed for a more comfortable living. Our furniture pieces are synonymous with timeless style and endless comfort. After over decades of creations, Grandome continues to improve and showcase its modern–styled furniture collections online and in–stores, providing customers with the convenience of personalizing the furniture pieces they choose and matching them with their interior style.